IKEA Lighting Hack: Make a Pendant Light Out of a $6 Bowl!

IKEA is a Swedish company that prides themselves on not only trendy designs but functional value. Those who are familiar with this company know that the lighting products they provide will beautify their home and most importantly they will last! Products made and marketed by this growing company reflect the values of a hardworking people who live simply and within their means.

A simple internet search for lighting on the website will yield over 1000 searches. Every imaginable luminous need can be met at each location. Various applications such as countertop, vanity, cabinet, strips, bathroom, living room, bedroom, children’s rooms and kitchen can all be explored. The unique Skandinavian design is unique to IKEA and can’t be found anywhere else. No wonder millions of Americans look to them for all their household needs.

This company has now truly reached the status of being a global corporation. You can search for a store near you and chances are you won’t have to go far. If you can’t find a store that is close then you can always shop their excellent website. The selection on the giant IKEA website is extensive and the delivery and customer service is unsurpassed.

If you are looking for that special lighting application to brighten up that dull space in your home then IKEA is your answer. Once you make that first purchase you’ll be hooked on the Swedish business idea and philosophy. Shop with the folks who foster a vision of providing home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them.

Swedish design and craftsmanship make IKEA a competitive option for all your lighting needs.


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